Education security solution

Education Surveillance

School and university managers face an enormous responsibility with increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety today. In fact, educators have to sometimes deal with the same problems as cheating in exams, drug sales, and gang violence,... SYSCOM VIETNAM offers a comprehensive range of solutions to secure campuses and school conveyances effectively.

Security challenges in the education sector include

  • Monitoring teacher's behavior

  • Monitoring student behavior

  • Transparent and effective Communication

  • Tracking individuals/ vehicles entering/ leaving the premises

  • Assuring parents of their children's security

Security solutions include

  • High resolution IP cameras for behavior monitoring

  • IP cameras equipped with bidirectional microphone support

  • IP cameras equipped with perimeter detection

  • Remote surveillance made accessible to parents over cloud


  • Intruders can enter school property

  • Students bully, act out and misbehave

  • Unruly students may commit criminal acts

  • Safety of staff, teachers, and school administrators

  • Quality and relevance of education

  • Nursery kids activities

General Solution

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Video surveillance in activity, play area and classes

  • Tracking any suspicious and violent actions and reporting to the administration

  • Effective deterrence in key areas.

  • Tracking and monitoring educational activities in classes

  • Remote access to parents of kids


  • Safe school walls with effective deterrence

  • Students behave properly

  • Safe environment

  • Safe environment

  • Quality education

  • Monitoring kids remotely



  • IP video surveillance vOptimus pro

  • IP video surveillance

  • IP video surveillance

  • IP video surveillance

  • 2-way audio enabled HD IP Solution

  • DSS solution

Authorized administrators can also check on the school from another location, whether during school hours or at night and on weekends. In doing so, CCTV digital video security cameras can play a major role in helping protect a school campus.

By keeping unidentified people off the campus, limiting access to facilities and monitoring everything by cameras, a comprehensive security alarm system plan can cut down significantly on crime and promote a safer learning environment.

Reasons to choose SYSCOM Solutions

  • We offer a huge range of services, giving you the best choice

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  • SYSCOM have over 10 years of experience of delivering security solutions so you can benefit from our knowledge

  • Your individual needs are met through flexible, innovative and bespoke solutions




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The IoT application (Internet of Things) is expected to be inevitable in the near 


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