CCTV monitoring, or Closed Circuit Television is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. To get the most out of your Commercial CCTV system requires the strategic placement of your cameras as well as vigilant monitoring of your video feeds.


Access control is a core area of SYSCOM’s services, providing unrivalled in providing bespoke access control solutions to the commercial sector.


Combining the latest technology with state of the art surveillance cameras means we can offer you the best in Commercial CCTV Monitoring.



Important elements of a surveillance camera system need maintenance: cameras & housing, wiring and cables, connectors, control equipment, storage device and Operating system.

As experts in Commercial Security systems, SYSCOM will not only supply you with the most effective commercial CCTV system, but we can also survey your property for the week spots and optimal places to place your cameras.

Basic features of CCTV system:

  • Observe real time 24/24 on site or remotely via internet by computer, smartphone, tablet.

  • Save images for review or investigation. Duration (time) of storage depends on the needs of the customer.

  • Grant access to each member: guest - only view or admin - full management (view, lock, delete, change, ...)

  • Dust and water resistant.

  • The design (shape, color) and features of the camera are suitable for each installation position.

  • Installed to international standards.

Advanced features:

  • Motion detection, automatic tracking (automatic patrol and tracking of objects).

  • Detecting movement, loss or appearance of foreign objects in a defined space.

  • Detecting acts of sabotaging the camera system such as spraying paint or covering things with the camera, cutting signal cables.

  • Outline anti-access space on the screen according to customer needs (virtual fence).

  • Detecting smoke and fire.

  • Detecting the opposite direction, issuing warning signals.

  • Counting people, vehicles, products,...

  • Identify faces, vehicles license plates.

  • Image analysis, statistics - reporting for management.

  • Can be connected to other security equipment systems such as: Access systems, automatic gate, fire alarm, ...

Optional extra system security

  • Backup power system in case of mains power failure

  • Anti-lightning system.

  • Sign a maintenance service contract.

SYSCOM VIETNAM are committed to protecting your home and business. Our combination of high quality surveillance equipment, expert knowledge and excellent customer service, make us the only choice for your CCTV supplier.

Reasons to choose SYSCOM SERVICE

  • We offer a fast, reliable and professional service.

  • Our maintenance service is competitively priced; making it a cost-efficient way to protect your business.

  • You’ll have one point-of-contact and one supplier for all your security maintenance needs.

  • You can keep on top of your security system and minimise risk with scheduled maintenance.

  • SYSCOM VIETNAM has over 10 years’ experience installing and maintaining security systems, so you can trust in our knowledge – and benefit from it.

  • Our flexible, innovative solutions will always be designed to meet your individual needs.

  • Our technicians are friendly, open and reliable, with the engineering and account management expertise required to design and deliver planned security system maintenance.




Only available at SYSCOM VIETNAM! Completely FREE survey service - consulting - designing security equipment systems at customer place...





The IoT application (Internet of Things) is expected to be inevitable in the near 


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